More efficiency. More flexible. ATLAS MOTION CONTROL

  ONE PRODUCT to fit all your applications

+ 110V AC and 230V AV compatible US/EU
+ Fully CE certificated
+ Input 4 analog high voltage sensors (Sick, Pepper, Bauer etc.)
+ Input 8 analog low voltage sensors (Sharp, DestON etc.)
+ Input 12 digital sensors
+ Input 2 weight cells
+ Input controlpanel: up to 10 switches and 12 LEDs
+ Input emergency shutdown panel
+ Input bluetooth connection for app

+ Output 2 motor controls: DC / ASNYC / STEPPER
+ Output 1 full graphic touchdisplay up to 7"
+ Output industrial lighttower: green / yellow / red
+ Output buzzer feedback
+ Output self inspecting/diagnostic
+ Output live output for presentation
+ Superfast arithmetik CPU
+ EEPROM to store your moves and servicerounds
+ High reliable switching power modules

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Our Services

We are proud to offer our services.

  Electronic prototyping

     + PCB layout and routing
     + Machine optimization
     + Microcontroller programming
     + Reverse engineering


  partial prototyping

     + In-house PCB production
     + 3D printed parts
     + CNC- and lasercutted parts
     + Customized spare parts

  complete prototyping

    + Your ideas into products
    + All-in-one-solutions
    + Series production

Our Team

Who is who: Our faces behind the names.

Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing. M. Eng.)
Dominik C. Waize

CEO / Engineering


Anila Ansari


Betriebswirt (B. Sc.)
Toni E. Schubert

Marketing / Financials


Adriana A. Penaria

Marketing / Accounting


Betriebswirtin (B. Sc.)
Lena Jahnczyck

Marketing / Accounting

Betriebswirtin (B. A.)
Melissa Peters

Marketing / Support / Accounting

Mikrosystemtechniker (M. Sc.)
Lukas Kluge

Design / Assembly

Betriebswirtin (B. Sc.)
Isabella N. Frey

Technischer Einkauf


Firmware Updates.




   ATLAS 3 universal firmware for lifting machines R27

   Release 27 (2020-01-07)

   ATLAS 3 universal firmware for lifting machines R27 (without TIP mode)

   Release 27 (2020-01-07)

   ATLAS 3 Automatic trolley storage cell R6

   Release 6 (2020-02-24)

   Automatic trolley feeding system R18

   Release 18 (2019-04-14)

   Flashtool 1.41 / USB Driver (x64/x86)

   Release 2019-12-31

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